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If you’ve been exercising and not seeing the outcomes you expect, and individualized nutrition plan will be the key to get you the results you need!


With a coach leading you, exercise can decrease pain and get you back to doing things you didn’t think possible.


Exercise reduces levels of stress hormones, and stimulates the production of chemicals in the brain that are natural painkillers and mood elevators.


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Member Stories

“After back surgery and the early months of the pandemic, I gained a ton of weight. I was nervous with my back to return to working out. I chose Premier due to their emphasis on form and safety. With consistency, I have been able to slowly and steadily lose the weight and regain strength. I love that the workouts are planned for me – no thinking, just doing! The scheduled workouts have also been a huge success in keeping me accountable. 😊”

~ Misty

“I cannot tell you enough about the experience I have had at Premier Movement. The attention to detail as far as technique and working with each of us individually is so appreciated.”

~ Cheryl

“The atmosphere is awesome which makes it fun to workout. The coaches are constantly keeping track of you while providing great motivation. The hour long workouts are just right for me and also challenging. You get to meet and workout with great people which I love in the small group setting. I am glad I joined!! I recommend it to everyone!”

~ Crystal